Do you have seasonal or year round allergies? Allergies can be an ongoing problem for many of us!

Seasonal allergies typically affect people during a particular season or time of year. They are also referred to as ¨outdoor allergies" and are generally triggered by tree, grass and weed pollen's or outdoor mold spores. Meanwhile, year round allergies also known as indoor allergies are typically brought on by animal dander, dust mites, mold spores and insect allergens.

Lastly, there are also food allergies, which occur as a result of eating a food that does not agree with us; creating physical and/or emotional symptoms such as body hives, swelling, itching or redness of the skin, depression and/or moodiness.

No matter what kind of allergy you suffer from, environmental or food related; acupuncture can provide needed relief. Medications often come with unwanted side-effects, while acupuncture does not. This certainly makes acupuncture an appealing option for people looking for a new way to combat their allergies.

According to Chinese medical theory; allergies relate to a imbalance within the organs and meridian systems.  Where as in a western diagnosis informs us that allergies are just what we develop or are born with. According to Chinese medicine, imbalances that cause allergies may stem from a variety of causes, including stress, poor diet, foods that don't agree with your body, constitutional weakness, pollutants and environmental toxins.

Over time, if imbalances remain within the body, they will affect the functions of the organs and systems. Some of these organs and systems are involved in the production of Wei Qi (which is essentially our immune system).  Within acupuncture and Chinese medicine practices; it is important to have the correct quality and quantity of Wei Qi circulating within the body in order to stay healthy.

Seasonal Allergy Tips include:

-Flushing your nose with a Neti pot.

-Add spicy foods and omega-3's to your diet.

-Keep your windows closed during allergy season to prevent dust and pollen from entering.

-Put on a dust mask when you are doing yard or house work and do not hang your clothes out to dry in the sun, as they will gather dust, mold, and pollen.

If you suffer from food allergies:

See an allergist and get tested for a medical diagnosis of a food allergy.

Also, avoid the foods that cause your reaction.  Examples of common food allergies are: peanuts, the proteins in cow's milk, shellfish, tree nuts, fish, eggs, gluten, wheat, and soy.

It is possible to ¨out grow¨ some food allergies.  It is also important to ask about ingredients at restaurants or when eating food prepared by another person.



Client Comment:

"I highly recommend Scosha Diamond for acupuncture. I'm allergic to cats and recently spent six weeks visiting a house with three cats. From past experience with these cats, although they are beautiful animals, I knew I would suffer allergy symptoms but was going to suffer through, since my reason for the visit was to welcome my first grandchild. Scosha gave me acupuncture a few times before I left, with the intention of making my reaction a little less. I'm elated to say I spent six weeks without a single reaction. I even got to pet them a little bit. I'm so very happy I got to fully enjoy the visit without any reactions whatsoever." -Kelly Donovan

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