As a parent we want nothing more than for your child to be healthy. Regular checkups with your family doctor are an important part in maintaining good health for children. These visits allow for your doctor to detect and correct minor problems before they become major health concerns.

You may not think acupuncture as an important piece of your child’s health care. However, it can be an essential alternative therapy to help regain and maintain your child’s health.

Most experience little to no pain when receiving acupuncture – in fact, many experience a deep sense of relief, relaxation, and reduction of specific signs and symptoms. Children can be nervous in terms of acupuncture needles; instead at Moonlight medicine we have Laser Acupuncture available for treatments which is not a needle and is painless.

We take extra care in the little ones as we want to make their visit to be the best and heart warming experience.

Treatments are based on the five Chinese Medicine Foundations of Yin Yang, Qi, Wholism, Five Elements, and Meridians. Using modalities like Acupuncture, Acupressure Medical Massage, Cupping Massage, Moxibustion, Guasha, Cold low level laser, LED Light, Reiki, and Bach Flower Essences. All therapies listed may be use with the client consent to nourish basic goodness of whole health.

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