Practitioner Responsibility

    To ensure safety for the clients - all linens, washable masks will be handled while wearing a mask and gloves. A client can bring their own linens if they prefer.

    There is a 45-minute wait time in between each client this ensures all areas are disinfected from the previous appointment. We are using in medical-grade disinfectant called Miracle.

    There will be a daily cleaning log sheet.

    There will have a logbook of all client/people (with up to date contact information) who enter the premises, this will be a private confidential logbook.

    There will be signs placed over the clinic - how to properly wash your hands, and information on COVID 19.

    The practitioner will be wearing a mask and using gloves during diagnostics and treatment.

    Client Responsibility 


    Please arrive at your scheduled time - not ten minutes before or ten minutes late but at the exact time. as there is no waiting room available.

    If you notice the orange or red tape on the floor, please follow the direction to ensure physical distancing.

    Clients are required to wear a mask upon arrival and during treatment - please take a picture of your tongue prior to our appointment. we have masks available, both disposable and washable.

    Clients can bring their own linens if they prefer.

    Clients will be asked to wash hands before entering treatment space, and after leaving treatment space, and to follow proper hand-washing standards from Public Health.

    All personal items are to be stored in the designated area; the clinic will provide a clean plastic bag for each client for storage of personal item during treatment.

    A best practice is to minimize personal items while attending your appointment.

    Clients will be asked to sign a declaration of fitness for each treatment.

    Declaring then you have not been outside the province within the last 14 days and that you are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID 19.

    Refusing to sign, means no treatment.

    Clients are also responsible to self-monitor to get proper testing if any symptoms are in existence.

    Clients who have been tested for COVID 19 with negative results and remain ill or symptomatic will be advised not to enter this facility without a mask or gloves.

    All forms of payment are accepted

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Our Patients safety is our #1 Priority. Please remember to have patience with your practitioner at this time. This is new to us as it is to you. 

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